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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Norwich City: Nobody Cares, We Don't Like That!

Norwich City Football Club – you’ve heard of them, yes? That’s right, those guys who play in yellow and green somewhere due east of Peterborough! You care passionately about it; investing time and emotion into following its fortunes from afar don’t you?... What do you mean, no? NO?! NO?!?! I'm not having that; it's just crazy talk!!


Well, at least that’s what our East Anglian friends would have you believe, having spent the past 12 months or so desperately trying to validate their status as followers of a big and important footballing institution. The recruitment of Bradley Johnson, Jonny Howson and most recently, Robert Snodgrass to the ranks, have sparked a cycle of gloating exercises that have almost bordered on hysteria: “You are our feeder club!” have been the cries of supporters, seemingly hell bent on convincing themselves that promotion to the Premier League undermines all logic and asserts Norwich City as some sort of football monolith, casting its imperious shadow over little Leeds.

The 'Yellow Army at the KC Stadium, just days after the club
boasted of taking a following of 600 to Milton Keynes

It matters not that Bradley Johnson was out of contract; it matters not that the current regime couldn’t wait to push Howson - soon to be a free agent - out of the door for any significant transfer fee, nor the fact that Snodgrass’ patience finally run out dictated his exit. It matters not that Premier League football, greater exposure and huge wage rises, rather than the cache of the club dictated their choice, nor did it register that Jason Pearce, untainted by the ‘life under Bates’ experience, chose a move to Elland Road over one to East Anglia.

Pay rise, shop window, no Ken Bates - no brainer

In common with us all, Norwich City supporters like to believe their club matters, and for whatever reason, they also seem to really want to matter in the eyes of Leeds United fans. They want… no they have to feel special – they want to believe that every goal they score is soundtracked by the resentful gnashing of teeth back in Yorkshire. They need not waste their time.

Untainted by Bates experience...

I admit, I’ve not been completely immune to the inflammatory tweets and message board posturing; and yes, Norwich City do occupy a slightly more prominent place in my thoughts these days; no longer regarded as an inoffensive, even pleasant irrelevance, but more an innocuous irritation these days – but rivals? Hmm… file alongside Huddersfield and Barnsley.

The actions of Norwich City supporters are symptomatic of those with a “small club mentality”, resentful of having to occupy a lower strata within the historical football aristocracy. Perhaps still seething over the perceived “media obsession” with Leeds during the League One promotion campaign – a point alluded to more than once by Paul Lambert who claimed their title barely registered a mention, comparative to our final day victory over Bristol Rovers – the East Anglians have taken every opportunity since to re-position themselves in football’s pecking order.

It’s an inarguable truth that Norwich currently enjoy a more elevated status; a position perversely distorted by the obscene finances of the Premier League, that in the blink of a summer, transform a club’s ability to compete. But status by definition is a transient mode of existence; a temporary thing dictated purely by performance and results – if we were to claim that Norwich City is a huge club on the basis of their membership of the top division, do we afford the likes of Wigan Athletic, QPR, Reading and Fulham similar reverence?

Full house, big game atmosphere...

Standing is something else entirely. To supporters (putting local rivalries and one-off ‘crunch games’ aside) it’s a club’s standing that matters; that dictates the anticipation they afford to any given game. Who outside Ipswich ever gets excited about Norwich rolling into town? Maybe the odd Colchester fan…and let’s be fair, deep down, that must hurt.

As a League One side, would the draw of Norwich City be sufficient to sell out FA Cup ties at Old Trafford and White Hart Lane inside hours, or at the Emirates the following season as Leeds did? Was that based on the quality of team we could field or our league position? No, it was simply because we are Leeds United. Ultimately, while all clubs can enjoy temporary periods of relative success, it is not what primarily defines their standing; that’s tradition, support, potential and mentality. It’s why a meeting with Nottingham Forest will always excite far more than a clash with Wigan, why I’ll always take a game at Hillsborough over one at the Madejski Stadium and a clash with Wolves rather than Fulham.

Of course, that’s not to say that I wouldn’t rather play Norwich than Wigan, Reading or Fulham, just that I wouldn’t get the sort of buzz that’s synonymous with a visit from the likes of Scum, Chelsea, Arsenal, Newcastle and Liverpool. Many supporters, across the country still get fired up by the prospect of a game against Leeds, regardless of our status – whether they care to admit it or not, it’s wholly evident in the stands – and that is the crux of the matter. The larger footballing public remain indifferent towards Norwich and bar another Sheikh Mansour arriving on the scene will continue to be so. Even when not rated, Leeds will always remain hated, perversely something that is coveted by many.

Regardless, Norwich City’s fans fight the good fight to convince themselves otherwise, labouring under some hopelessly insular misconception that the rest of the football is in the wrong. Even on a wider level, city chiefs are currently considering a new approach to marketing the place to tourists and investors, adopting the slogan: “England’s Other City” – another “Hey look at us, we’re significant!” cry if I ever heard one.

Big(ger) time Charlie

Whether they care to admit it or not, life is as good as it’s ever likely to get at Carrow Road. Should Howson and Snodgrass blossom, they will move on – that is Norwich’s place in the scheme of things; ask Paul Lambert, now comfortable in a new job…and also reportedly an applicant for the Leeds vacancy back in February. For all their mocking, they remain a feeder club, and not just for the very elite within the league, but the second tier of clubs: the Newcastles, the Sunderlands, the Villas; their lot at the highest level is ultimately to survive, rather than thrive.

The blueprint is unmistakeable – while the fan base is decent even at Premier League level, it is no more than that, and any club that openly boasts about taking an away following of between 500 and 600 to a friendly clearly holds limited aspirations. Then there’s the goal music – F**KING GOAL MUSIC!! If there’s anything that defines a club’s standing, it’s goal music! While a dislike for Manchester United will always remain deeply ingrained and their sickening drive to milk the corporate cash cow, particularly distasteful, I can never foresee the day that they start marking every goal with a blast of Bellini’s ‘Samba De Janeiro’ (surely the worst of all goal music), ditto for all the other giants of the English game.

Nothing screams 'tinpot club' more than goal music...well, apart from this!

While we’re on music as well, reference has to be made to ‘On the Ball City’; apparently the oldest of all football songs, and one the club has claimed as its own. Notwithstanding the fact it was penned for a team of teachers before being adopted some years later; one look at the lyrics begs the question, “Who the hell would want to be seen dead singing it?”:

Kick off, throw in, have a little scrimmage,
Keep it low, a splendid rush, bravo, win or die,
On the ball, City, never mind the danger,
Steady on, now’s your chance,
Hurrah! We’ve scored a goal!
City! City! City!

Oh, and what the hell is a scrimmage, by the way?!?

Other aspects of the club’s history offer little else to impress. Norwich City are a club that list such footballing luminaries as Nigel Worthington, Efan Ekoku, John Newsome and Darren Kenton in their ‘Hall of Fame’; they’ve even set aside a place for Delia Smith – now I know that Leeds fans have tolerated enough from our own publicity seeking gobshite of a chairman, but openly celebrating his contribution…? There is a limit!

Efan Ekoku - Norwich City legend!

A look at the honours list does show two League Cup triumphs, although it should be noted that the first came in 1962 against a 4th Division Rochdale team in a two-legged affair, watched by an aggregate crowd of under 31,000… it’s fair to say, the competition really wasn’t ‘all that’ in the early days. By 1985, the re-christened Milk Cup was a different kettle of fish, albeit it took an own goal and a Clive Walker penalty miss to ensure a 1-0 triumph over Sunderland – both sides were subsequently relegated.

What by popular consensus remains “the pinnacle of Norwich City’s history” is the 2nd round UEFA Cup defeat of Bayern Munich in 1993… yes, you did read it right: 2nd ROUND! Just to provide some prospective, the high flying Canaries were able to give a debut to Ade Akinbiyi in the return tie.


So there we have it; a club from a city more popularly feted for its mustard, a turkey farmer with a speech impediment at the centre of an avian flu outbreak and a pedestrianisation scheme immortalised by Alan Partridge, than its football team.

Enjoy the Premier League ride Norwich City; while I can’t deny I’ll have a little laugh to myself if it all ends in May, just don’t expect me to care less either way.


  1. Blimey you're not bitter in anyway are you? As a Leeds fans its pretty galling seeing Norwich succeed when we were equals not long ago but you mate you need to get over it. You sound like the small time fan I'm afraid mate. What a loser

  2. I agree with you some Norwich fans are a bit retarded with the feeder club thing but that is probably because when you are a small club like Norwich you have to try and enjoy these moments as much as you can, its not necessarily about leeds so much as it is a sign of progress. But I love my small club and the sense of community that comes with it. I agree that goal music is tacky and too american. However the idea that standing wont change is something else, remember of course Preston and Huddersfield were once behemoths of English football how do we think of them these days?
    But enjoy the season, as I will be enjoying ours relegated or not it will still have excitement, drama, controversy and who knows, the prospect of a Norwich Leeds cup match?

  3. I hope the gods throw a Leeds Norwich cup tie together, and I also hope we pass you on the way up as you come down, as I hate driving to your inbred ground

    1. To be fair Leeds fans should be trying to emulate Norwichs success, after all you were 12 points clear and you fucked it up.. But hey, jealousys a bitch

    2. at least you can be sure your wheels will still be there when you return to your car, unlike around leeds....

    3. yes i will definitely be jealous of you carrot cruncher. you could win the league and champions league and id still be laughing as your six fingered digits fumbled to wave your rattle. ra ra ra

    4. just googled "leeds" and what was top of the tree? Answer: http://www.gayleeds.com/editor/article/_youre-so-gay-leeds/

  4. another leeds "we're not bothered" seethe! so NOT bothered the article is long arduous and very boring, not to mention lazy.....alan partridge? Gosh you're SO original.....!!!

  5. "I don't care about Norwich so I am going to write a long and tedious blog entry about them."

    1. im equally not bothered so im going to write an unfunny whiney reply to this article.

      captain crunch

    2. err, the article is hi-lighting the norwich fans "interest" with leeds, winding leeds fans up....as we're doing now in fact :-P

      but then, you're not bothered, are you?!!!!! hahahaha! "we are the champions,champions of FUCK ALL!!!"

  6. When it comes to chants / songs, at least Norwich don't proclaim to be something we are not. Nothing screams small time more than "We are champions, champions of Europe", when exactly? At least Norwich actually beat Bayern Munich

  7. Blimey, bitter or what? As an NCFC supporter I know what it's like to suffer the ups and downs that football brings. Get over it man, we're winding you up now because we can.

  8. dont care??? thats not those fine chaps on WACCOE advocated each time Leeds sold another player to Norwich! Or maybe its the fact Leeds only beat Norwich once (with a 90th minute error) in 4, losing a 12 point lead for division 1, AND watch Norwich fly through the Championship whilst Leeds barely stayed the pace AND then watched as Norwich played some fine football on MOTD.....!!! No you dont care!!! Thing is, none of us lot stay up passed MOTD to watch leeds on the Championship program, so we dont really know WHAT you're like these days.....

  9. I went to Elland Road for the 2-2 in the Champ... the away end was a disaster! Parts of the ground falling down around us, victorian crumbling concrete, broken and leaking metal gutters, water running down a shitty terrace..... dull, grey, dirty concourse.... leeds can only dream of having a decent ground.....

  10. caring enough to look to see if norwich are relegated at the end of the season then......... all those words, then ultimately you DO care what happens to Norwich..... what a prick!!!

  11. admit it..... you're still pissed at Norwich beating you 4-0 at Elland Road in 94, arent you?! lol!

  12. hahhaahhahaha, utter garb from another little old leeds stalker fan (of massive NCFC). it's a getting a bit like the jealousy rants from scotland (leeds) toward england (NCFC).

    1. Oh, obviously this is true. Because Scotland, the once great nation, conquering Europe with their dominance, loathed and respected at the same time by everyone else, falling weak to their knees due to poor ownership, are just on a bit of a slump at the moment. England on the other hand, on one of it's typical periods of mediocrity amongst the rest of the big boys like they do so once every thirty years, are just the envy to be.

      Yeah, Norwich and Leeds, definitely the same as Scotland and England.

    2. hahahahahahahah - yep on a permanent slump - good old scotland/leeds/other poor relation that needs to rant a bit so big brother knows that they're there. hahahahahah

  13. lol!

    "I don't care about Norwich, and to prove it heres a huge fucking essay"

  14. Just to add a neutral's view here (Port Vale), I must say both club's are a similar size but Norwich does have a better 'average' fan so to speak. A more cultured, approachable lot compared to Leeds', I'm sorry to say, large chav twatooed element.

  15. Leeds United, Leo Sayer, Arthur Scargill, the British motor industry, tank tops and kipper ties. All relics of the 1970s. Why on earth would you stick with them?

  16. Leeds ?!? Why name a town after a dog restraint?

  17. We are actually going to scrap singing On The Ball City and replace it with singing about winning a competition we actually never won.

  18. Rather a lengthy article for someone who "doesn't care less either way".
    Would you lambast, for example, Torquay or Oldham in similar fashion? No, you wouldn't, because deep down you DO care that your midfield has eroded away into Norfolk, regardless of the reasons.
    Don't bother slagging off Norwich or Torquay or Oldham - or anyone else outside the Championship, because it will be years before we cross swords with Leeds in a league match again.

  19. What an oddball. 1600 words to say he doesnt care

  20. Cheers for Howson though. Train a few more up for us. We can't risk them in the Prem but we will allow you guys to play them in the lower leagues and build 'em up a bit for us. Keep that production line following and your masters will cherry pick the decent ones.

  21. Would you like some cheese with your whine?

  22. Great way to show us Norwich fans you don't care, by writing a 1500+ word essay telling us how little you care. Genius!

    By the way, you really are a big club! No really really! No you really really really are! Keep repeating the mantra, I'm sure the glory days are just around the corner... *Titter*

    Leeds fans... The gift that keeps on giving...

  23. Howson wasnt just attracted to Norwich for Prem football, Prem salary, a fine city, but the fishing as well... apparently the Rivers Yare and Wensum spawn real live fish, unlike the dirty canals around leeds, in which you find putrid dirty brown disease infested water, rusty old shopping trolleys and decaying murdered prostitutes....

  24. ey up chuck aye aye lad i agree tha knows
    norwich who?
    we say what we mean and we mean what we say
    nowt as gribblin as graveh
    owt on tele or am going up t'pub a pint a bitter with me flat cap and me whippet tha kna?

    leeds. leeds. leeds.

    1. aye lad tha's spot on

      didnt these southerners know we once won t'european cup?
      set of cheeky bastards

      you seen corro lately?

      anyone lend me a 5er for me week's rent and a roast on sunday? im tight as a nun's cunt

  25. 30+ bites so far; I'm quite impressed!! ;)

    1. When all else fails and you've made a total tit out of yourself, pretend you were trolling all along...

  26. This article has given me and my family (insert you incestuous jokes here) one of the best laughs in ages. We are about to go to 35,000 seats as our ground is too small whilst you have a total shit box of a ground with major stands shut cos you cannot fill them. We have now rinsed you for three consecutive years and have taken arguably your best three players as nothing more than squad players for us. I am truly loving it!!!!!!

    I'm glad we don't bother you though, that's why you managed to string 1650 words together to tell us!

    Please feel free to repeat the postings, and bottle those tears of rage, jealousy and hurt towards your mother club and send them off to us, they taste just soooooo sweet!

  27. listen mate
    we are Dirty Norwich
    people hate us, people despise us, people we don't even care about sing about us
    we are a fucking horrible lot
    we've won more than you ever have or ever will
    we have a glorious history
    our fans are feared wherever we travel

    you are leeds

    end of argument

    1. 'we've won more than you ever have or ever will' see honours list below

  28. even man utd dont care about leeds.....

  29. oh ah oh ah ohh ahhh Cantona! then why dont you write about something you do care about?yeah i wont be surprised if johnny boy howson is sold for 10mil in a year or two, but hey its considerably more than we paid you!
    i do care about leeds utd, but only twice a season when they play 1p5wich town, now that's concern!
    oh ah oh ah ohh ahhh Cantona x


    1. but grays, leeds are the champions of europe dont you know? Unless they're not.

      c/c xx

  30. Leeds United honours


    1968-69 First Division champions

    1973-74 First Division champions

    1991-92 First Division champions

    1964-65 First Division runners-up

    1965-66 First Division runners-up

    1969-70 First Division runners-up

    1970-71 First Division runners-up

    1971-72 First Division runners-up

    1923-24 Second Division champions

    1963-64 Second Division champions

    1989-90 Second Division champions

    1927-28 Second Division runners-up

    1931-32 Second Division runners-up

    1955-56 Second Division runners-up

    2009-10 League One runners-up

    FA CUP

    1972 FA Cup winners

    1965 FA Cup finalists

    1970 FA Cup finalists

    1973 FA Cup finalists


    1968 Football League Cup winners

    1996 Football League Cup finalists


    1969 FA Charity Shield winners

    1974 FA Charity Shield runners-up

    1992 FA Charity Shield winners


    1993 FA Youth Cup winners

    1997 FA Youth Cup winners


    1974-75 European Cup finalists

    1969-70 European Cup semi finalists

    1992-93 European Cup second round



    2000-01 Champions League semi finalists


    1972-73 European Cup-Winners Cup finalists


    1967-68 European Fairs Cup winners

    1970-71 European Fairs Cup winners

    1966-67 European Fairs Cup finalists

    1965-66 European Fairs Cup semi finalists

    1968-69 European Fairs Cup quarter finalists

    1971-72 UEFA Cup first round

    1973-74 UEFA Cup third round

    1979-80 UEFA Cup second round

    1995-96 UEFA Cup second round

    1998-99 UEFA Cup second round

    1999-00 UEFA Cup semi finalists

    2001-02 UEFA Cup third round

    2002-03 UEFA Cup third round


    1920-24 Second Division

    1924-27 First Division

    1927-28 Second Division

    1928-31 First Division

    1931-32 Second Division

    1932-47 First Division

    1947-56 Second Division

    1956-60 First Division

    1960-64 Second Division

    1964-82 First Division

    1982-90 Second Division

    1990-92 First Division

    1992-2004 FA Premier League

    2004-07 Championship

    2007-10 League One

    2010- Championship

    Norwich City honours,

    Football League First Division (level 1)

    3rd placed (1) (1992–93)

    Football League Second Division (Level 2)

    Winners (3): 1971–72, 1985–86, 2003–04
    Runners-up (1): 2010–11 (and promoted to Level 1)

    Football League Third Division (Level 3)

    Winners (2): 1933–34, 2009–10
    Runners-up (1): 1959–60


    League Cup

    Winners (2): 1962, 1985
    Runners-up (2): 1973, 1975

    Friendship Trophy

    Each time they meet, Norwich and Sunderland contest the Friendship Trophy, an honour dating back to the camaraderie forged between fans of the two clubs at the time of the 1985 League Cup final that they contested.[97] Sunderland are the current holders of the cup, having defeated Norwich 3–0 on 1 February 2012, in the Premier League.

  31. F**k me! (See last entry). Wish Leeds United could compete in the 'Friendship Trophy' #bestkeptsecret #letsbehavingyou

  32. I can think of 50 million reasons why we are a bigger club than you. Your history means fuck all to anyone under 40. I look at you the same way as I look at Burnley and Preston. That is how far you've sunk!

    1. 'Friendship Trophy' = Success

    2. Well done the Black Cats gonna have a lot of celebrations off the back of that, NOT.

    3. Friendship trophy? They should call it 'the totally shite and meaningless 'cup' that no-ones ever heard of between two average teams who will be battling against relegation'. Hope Sunderland stay up :)

    4. I think these comments are rather flippant, as a season ticket holder at Norwich I must say that the Friendship trophy is a keenly anticipated, competitive and valued highlight of our season, good wine too. D.Smith

  33. Actually laughing out loud at the Norwich fan saying their fans are feared! What a clown, I seem to recall a yellow and green blur emanating from elland road the last time they were here, looked like the Jamaican sprint team! They couldn't get away fast enough.
    I happen to respect Norwich as a decent family club, don't pretend to be something you're not eh?
    As for Leeds being a feeder club for Norwich, you've got some cash for being promoted and you raid "shit" Leeds for players to keep you there? You're welcome to them, if they were that good they'd have gone to a club that wouldn't be battling relegation.
    Good luck in the new season, hopefully we'll both be in the premier league next season so we can see which Leeds midfield is the best!
    Oh and we will start getting some therapy now for the fear lol

    1. Mostly lots of shite from the Canaries, me thinks they are going to get their wings trimmed without Lambert #goingdown

  34. Fabulous those Norfolk gents took the bait EASILY, like shelling peas. Great blog, don't take it to heart NCFC, why are you all so defensive? Haha

    1. Us, defensive? Wd are laughing at your pathetic blog in the same way we laughed when your fans threw a strop when we got Howson and we laughed again when they did the same over Snodgrass. Love the way it's now being pretended the blog was a deliberate wind up when it clearly wasn't. We aren't bigger than Leeds. We don't think we are or pretend to be. We just like winding up your deluded and bitter fans and blogs like this make it even easier.

    2. sorry, its LEEDS fans who are complaining at the Norwich fans gloating.....of course this latest seethe is very amusing to us Norwich fans...just the latest in a long line.... first leeds fans turn on their own board for selling its best players to a prem club (happens to be us, which must REALLY hurt, as deep down its LEEDS fans jealous WE made it straight up and Leeds didnt), then Leeds fans turn on NCFC and the fans.....for winding you lot up!!!

      Nothing funnier than a long boring seethe, only to then "pretend" it was a deliberate wind-up...!!!

      EVERYONE is laughing at leeds fans seething.... even a few ipswich fans I know!!!!!!

      Oh by the way, congrats on an even longer boring blog on leeds honours, most of them over 40 years old...........!!! Hahahaha! HOW desperate!!!!


  35. LEEDS Honours make them a "big" club....

    yeah, similar hounors as "big" clubs such as burnley and blackpool....mostly in the 1950's and in black and white footage!!!

  36. Least your not bitter mate, we could be a tinpot club or smaller club or retards as supporters but not retarded enough to spend all this time to spout shit on the internet. Bradley Johnson ahd contract left, Bates will hopefully run you into the groud also.

    Blogs are only interesting to read when there not 100 per cent biased and unfounded. MORON.

    Norwich dont pay HUGE wages, Holt was until his new contract top earner on £15k. Not HUGE as you suggest.

    Norwich is a big club within our area, we draw crowds at Ipswich as you suggest, Peterborough and local teams, very much so as Leeds would with their local clubs.

    Norwich is very much about sustainability and moving forward whilst not breaking the bank, something Leeds perhaps should of done many years ago when you were at your best then you wouldnt be the little bitter man you are,


  37. As Man Utd v Crawley Town attracted a bigger gate than Man Utd v Leeds, does that make Crawley the bigger club?

  38. Roll up, roll up! Come and get your TOMA t-shirts...


  39. Leads, on the basis that I've never heard of such a settlement, are a tin pot, toy town village. Is it in Scotland? Wales perhaps? Sorry I don't know why I'm here (I am from Germany and am an English Language student whom loves football). However, I have heard of Norwich City. It is a Premiership club with lots of famous fans and, I believe, was the key city in England in centuries past (in fact, wasn't Hitler planning to have his victory speach there?). Like I say, as for Leads, I've not encountered this place before. From the earlier posts, I take it that it is a non-league club? Good luck to it in the quest to reach the promise land of Premiership football but don't hold your breath as I understand it's just so difficult. The rich Premiership clubs will just get richer (double tv money next season) and so the lowly league clubs will find it so hard to bridge the gap. Over here in Germany, we only really get to see the big, rich, Premiership clubs and so tin pot towns are not known to us.

    Best regards to all.


    1. Thanks for dropping by Jungen. Leads [sic] are a bit like the Panzer tank. Feared in their day but only heard of now in vintage black and white films. Some enthusiasts have tried to restore these classics but without much success.

  40. I watched Fulham v Norwich at Craven Cottage yesterday. Norwich were poor, Howson went missing and Snodgrass, as expected, looked short of pace. Johnson had one shot on target and was 'bossed' by Dembele in midfield.

    The quick passing game of last seasons Norwich has been replaced with confusion, and they often resorted to 'hoofball' to the far post and created no chances at all. Their smug, silent fans looked on with horror.

    It was a joy to watch. They offered no support to their team at all, and began filing out long before the final whistle to gleeful chants of 'cheerio' from all sides of Craven Cottage.
    Where were they going we wondered; Somebody beside me said 'to sit on the coach and f'kin cry, ha ha ha ha....

    Now, I'm an impartial football fan, and I have witnessed the Leeds away support when their team has been beaten and it is loyal, loud and partisan. Not so Norwich fans.

    I'm afraid to say, you were pathetic yesterday.

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